Nothing Compares

the threads 800

This is big size abstract work that matches to contemporary interior design. It is very light and airy, it might remind you Jackson Pollock's artworks or just splashes of champagne or rain splatters.
The work has painted edges and ready to hang.

acrylic, oil, palette knife

sunflowers night 800

That is my new try to touch Vincent's art and to feel his manner and style of painting. Sunflowers from his works might bloom under this sky or might look like stars and have their reflex in the sky like stars in deep sea. This stars fill my mind with ever new and increasing admiration and awake my imagination.
This picture has painted edges which means no need to frame this artwork. Ready to hang.

oils, paintbrush, palette knife


poppies time 800

Abstract expressionistic floral oil painting full of bright objects that remind colourful garden at summer time. Red poppies and summer meadow is the main theme of this textured piece.
This artwork was created using lots of impasto light strokes on the dark base with painted edges that makes it ready to hang without framing.
Oil on stretched canvas 0.8 in deep,
24 in (W) * 18 in (H)

oils, paintbrush, palette knife

smooth chaos 800

This is XL size expressive abstract acrylic painting made on stretched canvas. The work is made using textured strokes and finished with acrylic markers, oil pastels and hard pastels. It is very bright and stylish and matches to contemporary interior.

Size is 30 x 40 in.
A final coat of high quality varnish has been applied to protect the surface of this painting.
A signed Certificate Of Authenticity will be included with the painting.
The work has painted edges and ready to hang.

acrylic, oil pastels, hard pastels, acrylic markers

nothing compares 800

This is a big size abstract work bright and airy.
This work matches to contemporary design and might give some food to your mind and imagination. Beautiful and tender oil colours applied in many layers add transparency and depth to this painting.
No need to frame this work as it has painted edges and ready to hang.

oils, paintbrush, palette knife