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fairytail castle 800

This is a big size abstract oil painting on canvas. I used different textured brushstrokes in impasto technique and combined soft and smooth colour transitions and colour mixing with bright and contrast to make the work more expressive and fill it with greater depth and structure.
The work is dreamy, reminds you fairy tales and wakes imagination.

the hope 800

This is very emotional work that makes you think about our way in the life. Anything can happens with us and sometimes this brings us pain and disappointment but even if you feel like the only one in this desert and can't go ahead any more you always MUST go. This is the appeal of the Hope.

poppies fields forever 800

My favourite poppies are welcome in this work as a blessed mix of joy, brightness and believe in the best future. All colours and shades of red could be find here and all together they sound as an anthem to love forever.


the begining of time 800

This exceptionally light and tender work might be great addition to your home interior or office.
The time is spring that means that sun is shining exceptionally bright and all colours are so fresh and tender. Doesn't matter that something wrong happens in this world sometimes. Blooming apple tree will still bring us its beauty and delicacy and faith and confidence that goodness and vitality will stay with us forever.

murano glass 800

This is abstract ROUND SHAPE painting perfect for your home or office. 
This is original and unique abstract oil painting. It is bright and multicoloured and the little pieces or splashes of colours remind me luxury Murano Glass.
Note: This painting is not framed, but comes hang ready with the painted sides, so framing is unnecessary.