a bit about me


My name is Mila Moroko.
I am a self-taught artist, largely with no formal art education. For as long as I can remember, I have always loved to draw, paint or do anything creative!
I showed inclin ation towards arts at a pretty young age, but my ambitions were on the back burner for a while for various reasons. Consecutively, I took on jobs in different areas and industries, leaving painting as a hobby for my spare time only. A few more years down the line and I am now a mother of 2 young ladies, living in London. Wanting a more flexible job, and having a desire to do something that comes naturally to me, I decided to become a full-time artist.
I get inspiration from absolutely anything and everything, whether it is something I see, or something I feel. My styles and techniques are constantly changing and I find that each painting provides me with even more ideas for future works.
It is sometimes very hard to fall asleep at night – so many brand new sketches run through my head. I never stop learning, painting and thinking about art.

a bit of mila

I am studying in a few online schools, doing various private classes and countless online workshops. I began selling my paintings two months after I had started painting them, but didn’t focus on that until recently. I am convinced that the thirst for beauty lies deep in human nature, and artists can make this world a bit better by adding a stroke of colour, light and art to our everyday lives. I paint landscapes and life forms that promise better times and places.
I am not ‘arty’, ambiguous, mysterious, messed up, young, ‘emerging’ or remotely likely to get famous – I just like painting.
Each picture should have an underlying message. This could be the flow of light, colour, tone or shape. It could even be the distillation of the air between objects. The best feeling is when a painting suddenly comes to life, and you see different colour combinations, textures. Your eyes keep getting drawn back to it, all the decisions you took along the way seem irrelevant because the painting just seems as if it couldn't have been any other way. And you think: I might just leave that one on the wall.

What my friends and colleagues say about me and my art...

  • i was very lucky to witness the beginning of Mila's career... and it was a bit of a shock for me to suddenly see the genius being born. The paintings are so beautiful! I was looking at her paintings and couldn't understand where they came from... I'm so glad that Mila has allowed herself to shine and found a true incarnation of her inner artistic self! Now I'm always impatiently waiting for a next gem to come. Shine Mila, shine!
    Vasily Maslukovs D.C.
    Doctor of Chiropractic
    London, UK
    mila is always very artistic and very talented in everything she does... but I think she truly "found herself" in the art of oil painting. Her works show clear understanding of light, colour and shape. She made tremendous progress in painting within several months. Mila is a true talent and very original!
    alla olehnovica
    Dental Surgeon
    Wales, UK
  • in the time of contemporary artworks that aim to shock and are not pleasing to the eye, Mila's paintings are an eruption of pure beauty and innocence which have been long missed.
    alina m
    film maker, TV production assistant
    london, uk
    Beautiful works of art! Subtle and tender techniques! Mila’s paintings are permeated with warmth, they are pure and inspiring – you can’t take your eyes off them! My particular favourite is the bouquet in a white vase. May more ideas and creations come! Yours sincerely, Vladimir
    vladimir tsurkan
    painter, art designer
    sydney, australia

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My paintings are an attempt to freeze the stream of time and hold the breath of life. The approaching moment will bring change and beauty unlike before.
...And time will come for another painting...